01 August, 2011

Rick McCallum

Who are you?:

John the silent hunter in Hatchet 2, Co Founder with Kane Hodder of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, and yes, that was us on Ghost Adventures..

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of answering- and, their answers?

No I'm not the Star Wars producer, even though we have the same name..and no, I don't know that famous actor is gay..wouldn't tell you if I did..

2) If you had the power, what celebrity would you blink out of existence? Why?

Aunt Jemima, she makes me fat..or Steven Seagal..

3) What's a few of your biggest pet-peeves, or in the words of George Carlin, 'psychotic fuckin' hatreds?'

People who cut me off on the highway, and litterbugs..

4) What grosses you out?

Snakes, snakes!

5) How did you feel about wearing that shiny, silver mini skirt and halter top?

I felt like a whole new person, when I got home from the set, I ran a bubble bath, lit a bunch of candles, lined the floor with rose petals, and had some real me time.

6) If you could have a love scene with any celebrity- who would it be?

Heather Locklear, if she would remove the restraining order.

7) Was there any time where you were so pissed off, you caused damage to an inanimate object?

I have caused enough damage to inanimate objects to fix the national debt..I blame it on low blood sugar.

8) What's your recurring nightmare?

I have this nightmare where I am selected to be a judge in the Naked Bisexual Fitness Model Jump Rope Contest..when I show up, they put right in the front row..The stage lights go down, and the contestants run out..the lights come on..and it's the men's division..wait, it gets worse..all the contestants are really trying to impress me by getting as close as they can, because I'm the ONLY JUDGE.

9) If you could have anyone in the celebrity world to back you up in a fight, who would you choose? Why?

Easy answer Kane( Jason Voorhees) Hodder, or Jack Bauer from 24.

10) What do YOU consider to be the root of all evil?

The root of all evil? Bikini bottoms.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:  

check out www.hollywoodghosthunters.com 

Words from me: I've known Rick for....I don't even remember for how long. Feels like forever (in a good way). He's one of those 'too nice' people, too, but he thinks he's mean. Pfft. Also, one those awesome story tellers, has a lot of one-liners, jokes and awkward sentences. One of the very very few people that I actually don't mind talking to on the phone (talking on the phone is the bane of my existence).

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