15 August, 2011

Patty Wright

Who are you?:

Board Member "Westfield on Weekends", professional costumer and playwright, Current producer/writer/costumer/makeup for the "Starship: Ironsides" webseries, and for Retro Film Studios - including "Star Trek: Phase II", "Buck Rogers Begins", "Back to the Wild Wild West" and "The Haunted Homestead". Former producer/writer/costumer/makeup for "Nautical Nightmares", "The Haunted Fort", and "Lantern Light Tours".

1) What two questions are sick of being asked- and their answers?

"Are you married to James Cawley?" Yes. We were married last year on the beach in front of our Arizona vacation home.

"How did you meet Walter Koenig?" I was talking about him on an elevator at a convention and didn't recognize him standing next to me - until I got off and he flashed his "Chekov smile" at me. A few dozen years later he called me after I put up the Chekov website and asked if I'd run his official website. I recognize him on elevators now.

2) What's a few of your biggest pet-peeves, or in the words of George Carlin, 'psychotic fuckin' hatreds?'

- People that summarily dismiss other people because (in their judgment) they aren't smart enough, aren't in the same "class", don't have good enough jobs, have poor personal care, are dressed differently, have different interests....everyone has value: if you can search so hard to find a reason to dismiss or ostracize someone you can search half as hard for their value!

- People that are intentionally cruel to other people. There's only one thing to say... WTF?! Well, for doing that you get the reward of spending time being controlled by nasty feelings AND the person you are doing evil to.

- Parents that do not appreciate and nurture the individuals their children are; and who do not instill good self worth and confidence in their kids. How hard is it to let them make their own sandwich and tell them what a great meal it is? Yeah, maybe they wasted a jar of jelly on the counter- but there's a chance to finger-paint with food and you have to collect these things to tell THEIR kids to let them know even mom and dad were klutzy kids once.

- Cupboard doors being left open, empty containers/trash left on the counters, and leaving stuff out you used. Seriously: how hard is it to put your toothbrush and toothpaste back where you got them?! It's okay though... I always rinse them off in the toilet before I put them away for you.

3) What song would you consider to be your absolute guiltiest pleasure? 

"It's Raining Men". I actually have an entire "mix" CD that only has this song on it... a dozen versions that I play at full volume while driving. It's a really fun song - it begs you to scream out the lyrics and you can't help but dance to the music. The dancing keeps me awake while I'm driving - and makes driving more of a challenge.

4) What's the most embarrassing job you've ever had (in or outside of your current job)?

I've been fortunate never to have had and embarrassing "job" - but as a social worker I've had to do some rather, uh, "down to earth" tasks - like inserting tampons into women and changing adult men's diapers.

5) Does it bother you when 'fans' add your significant others, personal friends, and family members on social networks, just to feel closer to you or the people you know?

No, I've met some of my most interesting friends that way! And if they are only using me to get to someone else - well, they may be one of THEIR future most interesting friends: if not, I figure they can take care of themselves.

6) Does anyone ever tell you that you look like someone else famous?

All the time - Cher. Before she had surgery and before I gained weight from metabolic syndrome.

7) If another 'Classic Monster' film (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Black Lagoon, etc...) were going to be made and they needed you to play one of them- which one do you think you would be the best as? Why?

I'd be best as Winona Kirk in "Star Trek XI" because I am a mom at heart. What? "Star Trek XI" isn't a classic horror film? Are you SURE?!

8) Do blonds, redheads or brunettes have more fun?

Brunettes - absolutely! Folks consider us the steady, stable ones and don't pay attention, so we can get away with all kinds of things.

9) Have you had the pleasure of running into a wall, door, window, screen door, or sliding door?

I don't think so, but I make up for it by tripping over thin air on a routine basis. I always wait until the most opportune time - such as when a CBS film crew is transmitting live and the whole world gets to witness me fall into an actor's lap.

10) If you had to rely on someone in the celebrity world to back you up in a fight, who would you choose?

Schwarzenegger! Because all he'd have to do is stand there and glare at them to make them run away - I don't approve of violence for any reason so I figure he's the best guy to walk around with.

Shameless self-promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Hey...join us for Walter Koenig's star installation ceremony next September! Keep up on all the great details of the event on his official site www.walterkoenigsite.com and the event site www.planetexpo.com

AND watch for the episodes I wrote and helped to costume to be released at www.startreknewvoyages.com They are an amazing cast and crew and they've pulled off miracles making these come to life! More TOS rocks!

While waiting, read my fanfic at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/587072/Andriech - because if you review them it will fill the ink in my pen and I can write more!

 Words from me: Thank you, Patty, for saving my ass- just like you save everyone else. You are, indeed, the universal 'Mom.' 

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