01 August, 2011

Jeff 'Wickedbeard' Cochran

Who are you?:

I am known for my metal armor work and my ability to create an effective realistic costumes for pennies on the dollar.

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of answering- and, their answers?

When did I start costuming, and how much it costs to make em.I really do not have an accurate answer for either question.

2) What's something you had as a kid that you think today's kids are missing out on?

Farrell's ice cream parlor. Put's Cold Stone to shame.

3) Would you say you're a friendly person?

Some say I am too friendly....until I get behind the wheel of the car, then everybody sucks!!!lolol

4) Is there another celebrity that people say you look like?

Apparently I look like Toby Kieth.lol

5) What trend in recently made films are you sick of seeing?

excessive use of CGI and 3D

6) Has there ever been an occasion that you were so pissed off, you caused damage to an inanimate object? Elaborate, please?

When my DVD player is being an asshole, and will not play and I just wanna throw it out the window.

7) What is something your parent/guardian told you when you were a kid and when you grew up, realized it was a lie?

Money doesn't buy happiness.......Give me a couple million and see if I can't prove that theory wrong.lol

8) Would you ever go into a strip club with a sign that read '12 hot chicks and 1 ugly one' JUST to see the 'ugly 1?'

You would almost have to don't ya.lol

9) How long do you think you could tolerate life without a cell phone in your possession?

I would be just fine. I barely talk on it as is, and I hate texting.I would miss the apps though.hahaha
Take away my TV though and I'll kill ya.haha

10) Is there a store you would be completely lost without?

2 actually.....Wal-mart, and Home Depot.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Make sure to check out my site ..www.wickedbeardcreations.com, and add me up on FB.Tons of new outfits in the works !!
Also looking forward to working with my new friends over at Crossover Paranormal. It is going to be another awesome chapter in the Wickedbeard saga.
Shout out to my beautiful Girlfriend/interviewer.... I love you with all my heart and soul, and to my family(hi mom) friends and fans...Thank you from the bottom of my heart .without all of you to enjoy it, and support me, my work as an impersonator would be a fruitless endeavor.
Make sure to come see me at The Scarefest , and Days of the Dead each and every year.

Words from me: So, to get this thing started, yes, I did Jeff's first, because I love him more than you. :) He deserves to be first, cause he has to deal with me. -I- tell him that he's 'too friendly' because I'm a heinous, mean beast and I know it - I'm proud of it, damn it. We met on MySpace (yes, MySpace) two and a half years ago and I've been a fan since. I get to witness (and, occasionally step on sharp pieces) of the magic that he creates with his costumes and armor, daily. His creativity never ceases to amaze me. BTW, -nothing- is better than Cold Stone. Just sayin'....

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