22 August, 2011

Gustavo Ortega aka Robert Pendergraft

Who are you?:

Robert Pendergraft, Head honcho of Aunt Dolly's Garage where we do special makeup and creature effects for film, television, and mime park performers.

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of answering- and, their answers?

Q1) Can you please move your car off my lawn? A1) Yeah sure... one sec. (runs away out of site)
Q2) Will this blood come out of my clothing? A2) (shrugs) Maybe.

2) If there's another animal that will inherit the Earth after humans are gone- which animal would it be?

Hmmm, I would have to go with the Aliens. Simply because once they wipe out EVERY living thing on the planet it will become fertile ground for them to populate it with whatever they want.

3) How far do you think you would get if you went on the show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'

Hell, I doubt I would make it past the qualifying round to get on the show. If I did make it on I would probably spend at least three episodes thinking about the answer to the first question which would be "what is your name" and I'd probably get THAT wrong!

4) A phrase/word that is/was ever trendy, that drove you insane?

Totally and Hella

5) Boxers, tighty whities, banana hammock, or commando?

Boxer briefs, I like to feel athletic and secure all at the same time. But in a pinch I've been known for wearing Depends on long shoots.

6) If you HAD to, would rather have sex with a dead body or a live animal?

What is this "HAD to" talk? What are we talking here? Rabbit? Goat? Horse? Chicken? Salamander? Badger? I'd probably go with the dead body because it wouldn't bite back... consenting dead body of course. A zombie would bite back, in that case I would need duct tape, ball gag, and a curling iron. What about a dead goat... better yet a zombie dead goat?

7) How do you feel about grammar?

Whut u meen?

8) What trend in recently made films are you sick of seeing?

Digital lens flare, films tailor made to suit maximum demographics to make the maximum buck, and Sam Jackson dressing up like Nick Fury but still playing Sam Jackson.

9) Do you ever give money to the homeless people with signs on the freeway off-ramps?

Only if their sign is original and makes me want to give them money like "Give me money or I will fuckin' kill you right the fuck now!" Also funny dances and amusing tricks will also encourage me to open up my billfold to them. I say work for it, don't JUST let the strippers corner that dollar market!

10) What side of the bed do you sleep on?

Funny you should ask that! I always start out on the left, by mid slumber I'm hanging on the right, and by the time I wake up I'm under the bed with the dogs snuggling up on top.

Shameless self-promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Twitter is @auntdollygarage

Also like to give a shout out to my boy Ray-Ray in San Pedro, you a crazy muthafucka!

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