25 August, 2011

Nick Principe

Who are you?:

Nick Principe...actor/stuntman

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

"how tall are you?"....and two "are you're parents tall?" its like are you writing a fucking report on my genetics? my family history of tallness?

2) What's the crappiest movie you've ever seen? What makes it the worst for you?

any musical ever...hate me all you want but i think Nightmare before christmas and sweeny Todd would have been waaaay better without the singing....not that either of those are my worst film...i just HATE musicals

3) What is something your parent/guardian told you when you were a kid and when you grew up, realized it was a lie?

my folks where always straight forward...almost too brutally honest, but besides the lie that is santa, i would say my mom always said "good things always happen to good people"....i find that to be bullshit for the most part...sure it happens...but cutthroats and assholes are pretty much holding the steering wheel. and we're all in the back seat with no saftey belt.

4) Do you still watch kids movies- without any kids around?

fuck yeah.....i saw Cars 2 by myself like two weeks ago. ha...to quote ol mom again she claims "i dont care ENOUGH about what other people think"...i used to be proud of that...but at 32 i cant help but think my career would be a lil further if i would have just shut my mouth a bit more.....but hey, fuck regret...i dont have time for it.

5) One of the hardest lessons you've had to learn in your adult life?

ALL lessons are hard...or they wouldnt be lessons...theyd be experiences ...i ALWAYS learn the hard way...because as cliche as it sounds..its the only way ive ever known

6) Any phobias?

when i was a kid lou Ferigno as the Hulk used to scare the fuck out of me... i dont know why...well i do know why actually...he was ugly as hell and green. also as a kid dead bodies in movies with their eyes still open fucked with me...but after seeing more than a few real dead bodies..... that went away quick.

7) Do you believe in ghosts or aliens? Or, both?

id LOVE...i mean FUCKING LOVE to see a ghost...thats why it wont happen to me...doesnt seem to work that way...on some REALLY creepy locations ive felt cold areas...and just felt like something horrible happened here, so i guess yes. aliens ...fuck i hope so...there better be smarter life out there than
us...but at the sametime i hope its like peaceful ET like aliens....id like to PLAY the Predator...not fight him, and im dumb ill pretty much fight anybody...but thats an anyTHING...differnt subject matter all together i suppose

8) Are you one of those people my mother warned me about?

what did she warn you about ? i doubt it, i live a rightous life id like to think...but im also human and fuck up like everyone else...one of the last things my dad said to me before he passed away was "be carefull...theres alot of loonys on the road to...forget it..you're probally the looniest" is looniest even a word...well it should be.

9) Do you still watch the news or have you given up on it?

if i can ill try and watch all three stations at once...and if they all run the same story you can piece together what may have really happened...cuz if youll notice...they NEVER all give the same report..some have more or less details...THEN i love to watch jon Stewart tear the news apart...and commonly give the most sound and realistic commentary on the world. having traveled a fair bit...its crazy to see first hand what people think about how our country is run...or lived in per say...they think its jerry springer pro wrestling and reality tv....which for the most part...is sad but true...its like we live behind a two way mirror....EVERYONE sees in...but only a handful of us get to see out.

10) If fans are going to buy you drinks - what are you having?

Crown Royal splash of coke....or a shot of jack. and i thank you ahead of time

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

LTR 2 hits DVD/blu ray sept. 20th, Madison County another slasher film is soon to be released, as well as the action/comedy The FP, and i just finished an episode of femme Fatales for cinemax, and somthing im VERY proud of my first lead acting role Nobody Can Cool is hitting sundance. other than that...thanks for all the love at conventions and local bars...im nothing without the people that give a fuck about me....and ill never forget that.

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