01 August, 2011

Mike Holman

Who are you?:

Mike Holman- Being a complete asshole. Mtvs Jackass.

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked- and their answers?

Do I know Bam. What Jackass Movie I was in.

2) What's the most embarrassing job you've ever had (in or out of 'the industry')?

Did a commercial for a dance studio. they made me look gay to appeal to the gay community. pretty ming.

3) Are you obsessive/OCD about anything?

Almost everything in my life.. i have weird tourettes arm tics and my life revolves around patterns and colors. really a disturbing life..

4) Have you ever had the pleasure of running into a door, wall, window, screen door, or sliding door?

Quite often. who hasnt. next question.

5) If you were on Death Row- what would it be for and what would your last meal be?

Id probably be in for some ridiculously brutal murder of a bunch of people... like. ive thought about this several times.. literally cross country trekking and killing everyone thats annoyed me. wait.. just kidding >.>

6) What trend in recent films are you sick of seeing?

Zombies. Especially in local films. its over.. stop.
I also am starting to despise the smarmy Ryan Reynolds types. i hate those guys in real life and on screen...

7) If another 'Classic Monster' film (Dracula, Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, Black Lagoon, Mummy, etc..) were being made again, which monster do you think you'd be best for and why?

Id make a brilliant Godzilla. Dont ask.

8) Do you ever give money to the homeless people holding signs on freeway off-ramps or street corners? Why or why not?

No. Ive given a few food.. I think thats mostly a big scam. Fuck those lazy people. Its easy to hustle.

9) What song would you consider to be your guiltiest pleasure?

Bad Romance- Lady Gaga.

10) Is there a person out there, when you see them, it's instantly a shitty day?

Several persons. in fact.. see question number 5.

Words from me: Mike is relatively new to my universe. I haven't tormented him quite enough just yet. He still has some training to do. PS- he's very affectionate and likes his leg humped. Remember that for any events you catch him at. :)

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  1. Some of his answers are bull, just saying. And in all seriousness he really can be a teddy bear...and a dick.