08 August, 2011

Kitty Zombie

Who are you?:

Me? I am Kitty Zombie!
Body of a Killer, Mind of a Puppy!

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, what are their answers?

Thats a hard one. The whole "is it hot in there?" question is a very obvious one. BUT, many people use it as a way to enter into dialogue with Kitty. But the BIG one that gets me, is "who is the person inside the armor?" If people meet The Handler, that is one thing, but Kitty never gives away who He is. Just enjoy Kitty Zombie for him. ;)

2) What's a few of your pet-peeves, or in the words of George Carlin, 'psychotic fuckin' hatreds?'

Well first, Kitty does not swear. *shakes finger*  But this one is actually really easy. People that grab on the armor in a less than gentle manner...and those that try to take Kitty's night stick out of it's holder. Kitty does not try to take your belt off, or jump on your back...please give the same respect.

3) What's the crappiest movie you've ever seen? What makes it the worst for you?

I wish I could say Twilight...but I never saw it. (the whole concept behind it makes Kitty sick..Abercrombie/90210 Vampires...UGH!) But this is a hard one....Kitty WILL say this though.... Kitty never watches any movies that deal with rape or torture. Just don't see the need for it. He can turn on the news for that kind of stuff.

4) How do you feel about grammar?

Grammar? From Kitty? heh. No comment. One thing I DO dislike, is TYPING IN ALL CAPS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO BECAUSE YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR POST. So annoying. Oh, and people that spell in ebonics. "wut" and "dat" are perfect examples. is it REALLY that hard to spell "what" and "that"?? (this being said...Kitty and The handler are HORRID spellers. heh)

5) Do you still do anything special to celebrate your birthday? Why or why not?

Kitty had a fun party last year. but The Handler does not. he finds it very weird to plan your own celebration. Seems, egocentric. The Handler is a strange cookie.

6) If you HAD to, would rather have sex with a dead body or a live animal?

Kitty does not have sex. Let me explain it this way. Kitty KNOWS he likes the ladies, but he would have NO idea what to do if one ever showed interest. He would probably just run off embarrassed.

7) What's the worst thing you've ever been called or what would be the worst thing anyone could call you?

For Kitty? Borg. Kitty is NOT a Borg. *head desk*

8) What's something you had as a kid that you think today's kids are missing out on?

Play Parks with chains, wood, metal, and gravel. What ever happened to scraping your knee and figuring out what NOT to do??

9) Would you say you're a friendly person?

Kitty is VERY friendly! Though sometimes he throws the mild tantrum. Make sure you come up and say "Hello!"

10) Has anyone ever tried to steal a piece or two of your armor?

Yes, someone took both of Kittys Gauntlets once. But after a few general announcements saying no harm no foul if they were returned, he got them back.

Shameless self-promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Feel free to check out www.kittyzombie.com, the Kitty Zombie fan page on facebook. KittyZombie on twitter. AND, for the time being at least, you can add Kitty Zom as a personal friend on facebook. Just make sure you say hello if you do!

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  1. I LOVE Kitty Zombie! He is the nicest zombie I ever met! (He gives great hugs too!)