29 September, 2011

Juan Carlos (J.C.) Baez

Who are you?:

I’m J.C. Baez and I’m an artist/painter living in Chicago. I’m the illustrator for Walter Koenig’s comic book Things To Come. I’m also working with musician Jon Anderson (of Yes) developing concepts for CD covers and other upcoming projects. I’ve created storyboards for Star Trek Phase II as well.

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

First, “are you related to Joan Baez?” The answer is no, at least not that I know. I like Joan and especially the work she did with Bob Dylan but we’re not related. Second, “do you at least know her?” Nope. Never met her.

2) Favourite junk food that you'd refuse to ever give up- even if a diet or your health would suffer?

Coca Cola. It’s gonna be the death of me.

3) Do you sing in the shower/bathroom?

Not as much as I used to. With two kids in the house there’s no time to waste in the bathroom. As soon as you’ve been in there 5 minutes they start banging on the door because they need to use the bathroom.

4) Pick out one of your scars - where is it and how did you manage to achieve it?

I have a small scar on my left eyebrow, which continues on the left side of my nose. When I was 6 years old I was playing Batman with a friend and we were re-creating one of those Adam West style fights (with the Pow and Blam) as we were swinging on a seating platform style swing. I lost my balance and the swing (with my friend/Joker still on it) swung back and hit me on the face, sending me flying back a few feet. Thanks for making me remember that, now I’ll need some therapy.

5) Have you ever lost anything important down a toilet or known someone who has?

If I remember correctly a relative lost a ring in the toilet but she retrieved it with a trash bag. I would’ve said goodbye to it right there and then.

6) Would you consider yourself to be superstitious?

No, not really. Maybe when I was a kid but I haven’t in a long time.

7) Do you believe in ghosts or aliens? Or, both?

I believe in God and in the spiritual world but maybe not in ghosts in the traditional sense. I do believe there is life on other planets. Definitely!

8) Does Facebook own your soul?

It tries to but I fight back!

9) Ever accidentally punch yourself in the face?

Thankfully no! I think you’d have to be pretty wasted to achieve that! Either that or have a pretty heated conversation with yourself.

10) If your closest friend killed someone, would you help bury the body?

Depends on which friend and who he or she killed and what my part of the loot would be.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Buy Walter Koenig’s Things To Come, our new 4-issue comic book mini-series, available at comic book shops everywhere on September 28th.  Also thanks to Walter. You are an amazing collaborator, my friend. I’m lucky to be working with you.

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