01 September, 2011

Amy Steel

Who are you?:

Amy is probably best known in the horror community as 'Ginny' from 'Friday the 13th pt. 2.' She also works with an organization called 'Stand InBalance Equine Assisted Healing.'

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

What happened to Paul and why didn't you do Part 3? I don't know and I wish I had.

2) Have you ever had the pleasure of running into a wall, door, screen, window, or sliding door?

No, but I've seen it happen and I feel bad for laughing. I also saw someone fall off a balcony once. I might have laughed then too (intoxicated) but it led to his getting sober so I guess Humpty Dumpty was put back together again without of all the kings horses and all the kings men.

3) Do you do anything special to celebrate Halloween? If so, what?

My husband makes killer chili and we eat it with crusty bread and good friends and lots of wine to put out the fire. Oh, and we give good candy. No gummy worms with tongs or shiny but bruised apples from our door.

4) One of the hardest lessons you've had to learn in your adult life?

PATIENCE! And failure is how the Universe weeds out the dead ends. And, Gossip kills by boomerang.

5) Have you ever (accidentally) hit an animal or person with your vehicle?

About 15 years ago I ran over a pigeon in Hollywood. I can still feel the bump in the front tires, the bump in the back tires and then death coming up through the steering wheel. Creeps me out every time I think about it.

6) Is there a number or specific time of day that haunts you on a daily basis?

Morning. I open my eyes and feel like Bob Fosse, "Showtime!" and get anxious about what I should-will-attempt-need-to-accomplish for the day to be labeled 'productive' which always feels good but of course doesn't always happen. But I'm 5 days without coffee so maybe things will get better.

7) Do you get pissed off or do you get even?

Both. But only in situations I think are ridiculously unfair. Truthfully, I find it's never really worth it, since the thing that pissed me off isn't really what I'm mad about. Now that's interesting.

8) Has there ever been a movie that you've watched and had nightmares because of it, the same night?

Exorcist and French Connection. Drugs and religion make chainsaws or hatchets look like tinker toys.

9) If you were being chased by a bear, would you totally trip your friend to get away?

No. Well, how close a friend? I was walking with someone the other day I would have sautéed, flambéed and put on a silver platter for the first bear that came along. Hell, a cockroach would've been a relief at one point.

10) What's the oddest thing a fan has ever brought as a gift for you, or for you to sign?

Signing my face tattooed on a woman's leg was surreal. Best gift was an assortment of dark beer ;)

Shameless self-promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Shame is a show stopper, a heart stopper, and stops up life. It also lives too deep to scare out or cut out like they do in horror films... Since I'm a therapist/counselor who likes to works with shame and it's toxic waste, I want to start a 'skype-like' counseling service for people who are ready to do things that matter for themselves and the planet-- before either burns up. Who's in?

Words from me: I dunno what the hell that wink's all about at the end of number 10. Trying to get us all in trouble for sneaking contraband into the conventions. Sheesh! I'm on a personal mission to have her puke sprinkles, too, by the way. I will win.

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