15 September, 2011

Ari Lehman

Who are you?:

Greetings from CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE!!! I am Ari Lehman, the First Jason
Voorhees, from "FRIDAY THE 13TH" (1980).

1) What are the top two questions you are sick of answering - and, their

When you filmed the final scene of "FRIDAY THE 13TH" was the water cold?

The answser: No.

How could you have played Jason Voorhees if you are so short?

The answer: If I was any taller I would not have been asked to play Jason
Voorhees, since in the first film (1980), he was still a little boy.

2) What's the oddest thing a fan has ever brought as a gift for you, or
for you to sign?

A bottle of real Absinthe.

In Germany, I was asked to autograph a bottle of homemade Plum Schnapps!

Also bottles of sand and water from the real Crystal Lake in New Jersey.

3) If you were being chased by a bear, would you totally trip your friend
to get away?

NEVER! I would trip the bear...

4) If fans are going to buy you drinks - what are you having?

Wild Turkey 101, Laird's Apple Brandy 100, Eau De Vie, Calvados...

5) Do you get pissed off or do you get even?

Neither. I just sing songs about JASON VOORHEES...

6) What was the last traffic ticket you received for?


7) If you had the opportunity to play with ANY band/musician in the world,
who would it be and why?

To go back in time and play with Frank Zappa... Because it was the most
amazingly creative and disciplined band that Rock Music has ever heard!

8) Do you do your absolute best to speak in a politically-correct manner?
How well is that working out for you?

My politics are generally considered incorrect. Except by radical monsters.

9) Boxers, tighty whities, or commando?

Designer black briefs, or commando.

10) Do you have any now-useless keys still on your keyring?

Not at the moment.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Check out FIRSTJASON'S New Music Video "JASON'S BRIDE" Starring Monster
Man Jeff Wickedbeard Cochran, Horror Starlet Julie Anne, Kitty Zom, Jason
Crowe and Roni Jonah and Ari Lehman and Ryan Adomaitis from FIRSTJASON!!!
Produecd by EYEROMP FILMS the Video will be online before Halloween 2011.

Many Thanks to Angela and Wickedbeard!!! JASON NEVER DIES!!!

Words from me: I have a need to correct that Julie Anne was replaced at the last moment, with Roni Jonah. These questions were done previous to the shooting of the video, which was shot a couple of days ago. I think Ari had entirely too much fun there. Ha.

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