03 October, 2011

Walter Koenig

Who are you?:

Walter Koenig. I've been a professional actor for fifty years. Mostly known for Star Trek and Babylon 5 but did other work too. I've performed on the stage in L.A. and toured as well. I taught acting and directing at UCLA but also  privately. I wrote for some television series in the early seventies.  A novel, an autobiography  and a journal that I authored have been published as well as a few comic books. I wrote and produced a feature film that is now available on dvd.

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of answering - and, their answers?

"Do you pronounce your name George Ta(kay) or Goerge Ta(ky). I've actually only been asked that once (in Syracuse a couple of weeks ago) but I'm already sick of hearing it. Even though it was asked in one sentence I consider it two questions. The answer is, of course, "Screw off!"

2) What's a few of your pet-peeves, or in the words of George Carlin, 'psychotic fuckin' hatreds?'

A peeving pet always annoys me. Don't you hate it when your Egyptian Water Hound pouts and sulks?

3) What trend in recently made films are you sick of seeing?

When they make two hundred million dollar CGI driven action movies instead of spreading that budget between five incisively written stories that explore the human condition.

4) What do YOU consider to be the root of all evil?

Ignorance in all forms.

5) What is something your parent/guardian told you when you were a kid and when you grew up, realized it was a lie?

"Don't touch yourself. It isn't good for you." Actually, I figured that one out before I grew up.

6) What's something you had as a kid that you think today's kids are missing out on?

Street games. Everything from stickball to kick the can and staying out until the sun set without any concerns.

7) Would you ever go into a strip club with a sign that read '12 hot chicks and 1 ugly one' JUST to see the 'ugly one?'

That sounds so counterproductive.

8) What are your thoughts on conspiracy theorists?

I put most of them in the same category as ghost hunters. Still, there are exceptions.

9) What was the last traffic ticket you received for?

I crossed a double line in the middle of the street while making a left hand turn into a parking lot. Actually, when I started talking to the cop with a Russian accent and humming the the theme music to Star Trek he let me off. True story. I'm shameless.

10) What would be your simple fix for all of the world's issues?

The genetic ingredient in all humans that causes them to act violently towards others. Also, I'd eradicate ignorance.

11) Are there any foods that you would choose to starve rather than eat?


12) Have you ever been ramen noodles every dinner or dish soap for laundry soap kind of broke?

I've had laundry soap for dinner kind of broke. Well, no not really but I'm trying to build a sympathy base here.

13) Have you ever (accidentally) hit an animal or person with your vehicle?

We drove through the desert at night on our honeymoon. I didn't actually see them but I heard the "thump" of jack rabbits bouncing off my fenders.

14) A phrase/word that is/was ever trendy, that drove you insane?

"Fantabulous". Also, when I was thirteen I hit a kid at camp who, after receiving a package from home, exclaimed
"Super Peachy Keen!"

15) If you could having a boxing match with anyone in the world, who would it be?

First of all, it would have to be someone I could beat and that probably narrows the field considerably.

16) Ever accidentally punch yourself in the face?

Yes, I have. Generally it happens when I'm trying to open something and my hand slips.

17) Do you believe in ghosts or aliens? Or, both?

Nope although I know people who are usually reliable who swear that they have.

18) Sitting on a plane, do you prefer window or aisle seats?

Aisle. I have a special relationship with the bathroom. I'm weird about having easy access to it. I've even been called a "Bathroom Stalker".

19) Pick out one of your scars - where is it and how did you manage to achieve it?

The one that runs about five inches across my inner thigh. That's where they went in when I had my quadruple by-pass 18 years ago.

20) Do you sing in the shower/bathroom?

I think I did it once but the pipes all rusted. I interpreted it to be a sign.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

I've written an epic story which, in collaboration with artist Juan Carlos Baez, is being turned into a graphic novel . It is first being published in installments on a monthly basis (September through December) and then bundled for release in January, 2012 through Barnes & Noble among others. It's called "Things To Come"

Words from me: Okay, if you can't see, from his answers, why I absolutely adore Walter- you're insane and blind! He's one of the most hilarious, incredible, charming, intelligent and calming people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, AND! He's an incredible stroyteller, both in real life and through his novels, movies and comics. The DVD he mentioned in his intro is called 'InAlienable.' It's an excellent story. And, of course, his 'Things to Come' was just released- will be released as a complete graphic novel in January. I wish Walter and Juan the best of luck with it. BTW, Walter's singing isn't THAT bad...sheesh. There's a video on YouTube, somewhere. *Coughs* Oh! And, his questions will remain for the entire week. Why? Because, I said so, play favourites and you only wish you were as awesomely fan-fucking-tastic as he is.

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