19 September, 2011

Kitsie Duncan

Who are you?:

Kitsie is a model and actress whose credits include roles in 'Idiot Gore,' 'Mother's Blood,' and 'Lethal Obsession.'

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of answering - and,
their answers?

LOL, I'm a n00b really so I'm not sick of anything yet, My top 2
questions would probably be how was the transition from modeling into
acting and What's your favorite Horror film.  The answers are as such:

The transition was super simple, as Modeling (especially the Horror Pin
Up's I've done) were acting them selves, just no movement or audio :)

And my favorite horror films are 3 and they aren't your typical answers
:)  #3 Rob Zombies Halloween, #2 Devils Rejects, and #1 Poltergeist.
Poltergeist scares the crap out of me as a kid, and still does.

2) What is something that completely grosses you out?

Boogers and wounds that ooze puss.

3) Do you still watch kids movies- without any kids around? If so, what's your favourite?

Heck yeah and Often!  My all time favorite is probably the original
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, followed by Toy Story and
Despicable Me.  And I also LOVE the TV show iCarly 

4) Do you do your absolute best to speak in a politically-correct manner? How well is that working out for you?

I try and stay positive.  There is just so much negativity and drama
out there, I refuse to get sucked up into it all.

5) A phrase/word that is/was ever trendy, that drove you insane?

No I don't think so.  I am that annoying chick who says all the
annoying phrases/words.  My favorite right now is Amazaballz :)

6) Thoughts on parents blaming ALL media when their kids fuck up?

Parents have no one to blame but them selves.  Spend time with your
kids and get to know them, they are awesome people.

7) Pornos - exciting or monotonous?

The whole parody trend CRACKS ME UP!!!  Not the Cosby's triple X  It's
sick twisted and hilarious.  Do you have a copy I can borrow??

8) Sitting on a plane, do you prefer window or aisle seats?

I prefer the window, but need an isle seat, I have a bladder the size
of a pea.

9) Do you consider yourself more of a country or city person?

Hmmmm, I live in the country, but love the city.  I love the fact that
where I live is quiet, but I also love the way the city buzzes.  But I
hate getting dirty and dispise country music, so I guess that makes me a
city girl.

10) Rollercoasters - are you just a line buddy or a coaster warrior?

Never a line buddy, I love a good roller coaster ride, as long as it's
not the emotional sort.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

So much going on and so little time.
check me out at www.kitsieduncan.com
All of those will keep you posted on what's going on with me.

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