27 October, 2011

Bianca Barnett

Who are you?:

I am a professional actress, model, and full-time student. I played Pig Bitch in "Albino Farm" (playing on Showtime channels July - November, available on Netflix, Blockbuster, iTunes, Amazon, my website... everywhere!) and organ thief, Marlena, in "In a Spiral State". I have several films coming out soon-"My Sucky Teen Romance" (premiered at SXSW '11 & in theaters early 2012), “Dead Inside", “The Toy Box", and more! I also appear in Dennis Willman's strikingly beautiful comic, "GINGER-STEIN: Rise of the Undead" which is out now!  I recently won the 2011 Golden Cob Award for Best Rising B Movie Actress thanks to fans voting from all over the world!

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

What is your favorite horror movie or first horror movie you watched? -  I like 70s/80s slasher films, especially if they are set in the woods. I can’t remember the first horror film I watched, but The Shining was the scariest film I saw as a kid. My step father had a taped copy and I “stole” it sometime in the late 80s or early 90s… couldn’t stop screaming throughout the film, but couldn’t look away, either!

How did you get started? – Started as a model then transitioned into film via student projects, music videos, and low budget pictures, blah, blah, blah.

2) What's a few of your pet-peeves, or in the words of George Carlin, 'psychotic fuckin' hatreds?'

Pushy people, manipulators, poseurs, fakes, and liars bother the fuck out of me. I hate people who think they are outsmarting me or think I have no idea what I am doing with my life. Also, strangers that think their opinions actually mean anything to me, especially when it comes to my life and career. Seriously, they butt in with stupid opinions about everything- from who I married, to what I should look like, to what school I am going to. I cannot count how many times people have “warned” me about choices I have made, but generally, I say “fuck you” and do what I want anyway. I love proving them wrong again and again.

3) What's the crappiest movie you've ever seen? What makes it the worst for you?

Jeez, where do I start? There have been so many. I understand we all start somewhere, but most things shot today are zero budget amateur garbage. Digital film making is both a blessing and a curse. Now every Joe Blow with access to a digital camera, Facebook account, and Final Cut Pro thinks they are the next goddamn Robert Rodriguez. The same goes for “actors” and “models”.

4) What song would you consider to be your absolute guiltiest pleasure?

I have a soft spot for John Denver songs. Stop laughing at me!

5) What is something that completely grosses you out?

Honestly, most men creep me out, but they make up 99% of my fan base. So...  next question?

6) Is there another celebrity that people say you look like?

Growing up, it was always Marisa Tomei. Now it is Whitney Cummings and Angelina Jolie, or any semi attractive brunette in a commercial or on TV.

7) How long do you think you could tolerate life without a cell phone in your possession?

I rarely use my cell, so probably a disturbingly long time. In fact, it is an expensive paper weight on my desk right now. It is mostly for communication with my family and husband, but I do use it for work on occasion.

8) Do you think you cuss entirely too much, just enough, or not enough throughout your normal day?

Not mother fuckin’ enough, goddammit!

9) What's something you had as a kid that you think today's kids are missing out on?

Good music- I mean, seriously, popular music today is a joke.

10) Do you still watch kids’ movies- without any kids around?

Not really, but I did watch Hocus Pocus last night. I like that one! My favorite kid movies are the darker ones like Sleeping Beauty, The Black Cauldron, and The Last Unicorn.

Shameless self-promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Thank you for the opportunity! I hope to hear from your readers and network with any film makers out there.
Website- http://www.biancabarnett.com
Shop- http://biancabarnett.weebly.com/
Facebook Fan Page- http://www.facebook.com/Bianca.Barnett.Fanpage

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