10 October, 2011

Amanda Dyar

Who are you?:

My name is Amanda Dyar and I go by the cosplay name of Mistress Barbie. I am publisher & editor of BioGamer Girl Magazine which is dedicated to girls, horror culture and gaming. I have a podcast where I interview celebrities in the horror genre and it is called Undead Noise with Mistress Barbie and some of the individuals interviewed are Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena: Warrior Princess) and John A. Russo (Night of the Living Dead) to name a few. I am a game reviewer for Girls & Corpses Magazine and Scream the Horror Magazine. I am also an actress/producer/director and just finished up a small role in the Contagion film and will be shooting Night of the Living Dead 2012 next year. Lastly, I am a comic book model for several comics including Squirrel by Comic Book Divas and Gingerstein: Rise of the Undead by Iron Dead Studios.

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

The first would be, “Are there any websites were we can see more of you without clothes?”
The answer to that is No! If you do come across one then please let me know. There were those drunken nights in Cancun…

The second would be, “Would you like to audition for a role in our film where the character is naked most of the film?”
Usually the answer to that is, HELL NO! Come on dudes; come up with better pick-up lines! I was using that one like 10 years ago.

2) Do you still do anything special to celebrate your birthday? Why or why not?

Actually my birthday has become just another day. I turn 30 in January 2012 and to think it seems like only yesterday I was 19. This has shown me that maybe I drank way too much in between 19 and 30. Seriously, I woke up one day and my boobs weren’t perky anymore and my butt was bigger…felt like Courtney Love.

3) Kharma/Karma - what are your thoughts on it?

I kind of believe it exists and I kind of think it doesn’t. It basically comes down to the fact that evil people, liars, manipulators who keep doing bad things will eventually get caught and all of it will come tumbling down.  Case in point: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” A great quote from our ex-president Bill Clinton. I mean you know if he would just fessed up that he needed some outside action because he is married to a prude then I think the world could have understood that.

4) What's the saddest (emotionally) movie you've ever seen?

Old Yeller (1957) is one film I can say I probably cried my eyes out more than any other film in my whole life. I first saw it as a kid and to this day if I pop it in to watch then I still get just as emotional during it as I did that first time.

5) A phrase/word that is/was ever trendy, that drove you insane?

The phrase, “Just Saying.”  In the last year people have used that so much that I literally think I could just punch someone in the face if I hear it one more time. I have no idea what it originated from but whatever it was I like to go back in time and destroy it.

6) Do you actually know all of the words to the official national anthem of wherever you consider your 'homeland' to be?

Actually, I do know all the words to the Star Spangled Banner! Do not ask me to sing it because I have a horrid country, Minnie Mouse accent and it does not do our national anthem justice at all.

7) Your favourite dirty phrase, without using swear words:

“Eat Me!”  I probably work that into casual conversation about 20 times a day.

8) A rough estimate of how many different words you know for 'breasts:'

A rough estimate would be about 240 different ones. Yeah I like to keep up to date on human anatomy. My favorite word for them is probably “Balongas.”  Makes you want to tell someone to go make you a sammich.

9) Do you consider yourself a 'phone person?'

I hate to talk on the phone! You can text me or contact me online via email, Skype, Facebook, MSN or the like. But talking on the phone is probably in my top ten things of what I hate to do. I am not a phone person at all! I dunno, maybe if I had a 900 number and actually made money to talk, that may change my view on it.

10) Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

Yes, I am the type of friend that I would want to have but rarely do. There is the age old saying, “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” And no one lives by that anymore. Usually if you’re really good to people and they are always terrible in return then you eventually just want to be awful right back to them. Alas, I cannot be that way. But I do have a handful of really great friends and I always treat them as I would want to be treated and I am lucky they are just as great a
friend in return.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Make sure to check out BioGamer Girl at http://www.biogamergirl.com
You can also find BioGamer Girl and Amanda Dyar on Facebook & Twitter
You can find Amanda Dyar on IMBD at www.imdb.com/name/nm4524863/

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