17 March, 2012

Larry Laverty

Who are you?:

I'm actor Larry Laverty.  I had a corporate career all set up. But bad behavior by the snot-nosed
punks who run corporate America turned me off.  So I said 'F' this, and gave acting a try.  At first,
I did plays and musicals.  Then came acting school.  I got with a talent agent, tried movies,
and found my place in this God forsaken world.  Twenty years have gone by in the blink of an eye.  I've played lead or supporting roles in over 100 films, appeared in over a dozen television shows and countless Tv commercials.  But I'd trade it all, trade it in if I could play God for just one day and rub out all of the world's bad guys and turn dominion over this earth to the dolphins and the whales.

1. What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked- and their answers?

Q:  What have you been in?
A:  This implies to me that you spend your valuable time watching top-rated dumb-ass Tv shows, and feel good about dropping a chunk of change at the local Metroplex on hyped-up movies starring hyped-up actors.  Well, I'm sorry, but I left the herd a long time ago and prefer not to
have my life evaluated by who I did what with.
Q: What famous people have you worked with?
A:  Well, guess what, I'm famous.  And you're famous.  Or I thought you were famous, until you
gave away the fact that you worship celebrities.  Does the term 'false-god' mean anything to you?

2. What trend in recently-made films are you sick of seeing?

Uh, that would be plural. Trends.  But of course, today's trends actually got started
about a hundred years ago when the first person figured out he could make a buck off
of showing his movie to other people.  Then as today, audiences get pissed off
when they fork over good money to watch a movie they can't understand, or when they
have to follow homey-looking actors around on the screen for two hours and pretend to care
about it.  While I believe there's probably a small hand full of good movies that come out each year,  I miss them because I refuse to go to the Metroplexes at all.  If you see me there, send me
home or call 911, I may have a bomb.

3. Are you OCD about anything?

I like doing all I can to make the movies I'm in be the best they can be.  I go over the script
hundreds of times, I bother the directors with my ideas for camera set-ups and lighting.  And
outside of my career, and known only to my priest, I pick up litter all around my neighborhood
and in wilderness places.  If I see a stray animal, I try to save it.

4. What do you consider to be the root of all evil?

Like a tree, humanity has many roots, and consequently there are many roots at risk from
rot, rot that's brought on by forces of evil.
Idealists and those prone to naivete know very little about the evil in this world, but I unfortunately
can say that I fall into neither of those classifications.  We human beings while possessing
great strength both physically and intellectually, have a long way to go as we live up to
the potential strength of our spirits to do good in this world.  This is why I suggest, based
on the incredible documentary films I've seen and news I've read, that dolphins and whales
would be far better shepherds of life on this planet.

5. Do you think you cuss entirely too much, just enough, or not enough throughout your
normal day?

I grew up with the most gentle, thoughtful parents in the world.  I was a Boy Scout, an Eagle Scout ta'boot, so I constantly reign myself in when it comes to cussing.  But by God, in my
head and under my breath, I can't go anywhere in public without cussing.  What happened
to humanity, at least here in the big city?  Were we always so stupid?  So selfish?

6. If you could only give one piece of advice on how to prepare for the zombie apocolypse,
what would it be?

It's too f-ing late.  It's already happened.  I see signs of it everywhere.

7. What was the last traffic ticket you received for?

Not wearing my seatbelt.  To this day, the law requiring seatbelts pisses me off.
If I was prone to accidents or drove recklessly, I'd wear my belt for sure but I'm neither.
I'm always watching for the madman, the blind person, or the people new to this planet
in order to avoid accidents.  Don't tell me when to wear a seatbelt and I won't tell you
when you to have sex next.

8. Do you consider yourself more of a country person or a city person?

I'm a country person living in the big city.  I say hi to everyone, I care about my neighbors,
and I don't like feeling fenced in.  Oh, and I often wear a cowboy hat when grocery shopping
or going to the post office.  I'd go skinny dipping in the lake downtown but the cops would
be on my ass in a heartbeat.

9. Do you consider yourself to be a brand-name shopper?

Branding is as American as apple pie.  Tell me the last time you were able to buy something
that wasn't a brand name or made in China. It's almost impossible.  I always look for home-
made products, products made in the good 'ol U.S. of A., and products that aren't nationally branded but with each passing day the name brands send more little guys packing.

10. An estimate of how many words you know for 'vagina'?

I know of one.  Heaven.  I often give thanks to the man upstairs for making men and women
physically different, and different in such a way as we can plug in to one another as an
expression of love.  A vagina, it's the next best thing to heaven I can think of.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

And finally, life is funny.  I wish it was the kind of funny all the time that makes people
laugh, but whether it's funny ha-ha or funny strange, we're on our toes while we're here
and I like that.  I like challenges.  I'm grateful that I have the desire to take on this career
of mine and for all the people I've met and will meet along the way.  I wish success for
you just as much as I wish it for me.  That way, we'll all be happy.

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