23 March, 2012

Bobby Clark

Who are you?:

I'm Bobby Clark. I've been in the motion picture business for 50 years.

1. What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

A. Being that the Gorn is my claim to fame, I get asked 'you were the Gorn?' a lot - Yes
B. It must have been hot in that suit. - Yes

2. If you were on Death Row, what would it be for and what would your last meal be?

I'd probably go to prison for kickin' someone's ass til their dead. But, I'd be very very choosy on who's ass it is.
Last meal: Steak.

3. Is there anything in your closet that you've borrowed from someone else?

No. I own everything in there.

4. Are there any foods that you would choose to starve rather than eat?

Bait (sushi).

5. What's the most ridiculous nickname anyone's ever given you?

Before the age of 10, I didn't know my real name, I thought it was 'Jesus Christ' and 'God Dammit.' Rick calls me 'Gorn.'

6. Do you relate to the majority of heroes or villains in stories?

Always the low man on the totem pole- whether it be a villain or a good guy. But, you gotta ask yourself  'what is it makes this person a villain?'

7. Would you ever pose naked for Playboy/Playgirl? How much money would it take?

As much money as I could, and yes I would!

8. Your favourite dirty phrase, without using swear words:

Git 'er done!

9. Favourite junk food that you'd refuse to ever give up- even if a diet or your health would suffer?

I like cookies. I like potato chips.

10. Do you sing in the shower/bathroom?


Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Attend sci-fi cons to come see me. You don't have to be a weirdo to be a sci-fi fan. Shatner said in his book 'get a life!' Well, these people have a life. And, they have a rough life. These people work jobs, have marriages and families and still manage all of that on top of being a fan. These people spend their hard-earned money on the things they know they like. And, I just have to say: God bless every fan out there, whatever they're a fan of.

Words from me:
This was only the second one I had ever done over the phone (R.A. Mihailoff being the first). Also, it was the first time I'd spoken to Bobby in any way. I'm a little awkward when it comes to new phone conversation buddies. LOL Doing this over the phone was necessary for multiple reasons- Bobby doesn't really have much to do with computers (he doesn't have an official site or social networking page) and he is, also, currently recovering from a heart surgery. I felt terrible bothering him during recovery time for something as silly as The Negative, but he didn't seem to mind it much at all. Bobby was a pleasure to get to know. And, I'd recommend paying him a visit if you happen to be attending a convention that he's at. He told me a few fascinating little stories, snippets of his life- and, he's lived an interesting one, indeed. He's a good guy......even if he IS friends with Rick McCallum. :-p But, in all seriousness, I do owe Rick a lot of thanks- he's been an irreplaceable friend and help with this site in many ways. Anyway, if you're one of my con-promoter friends and you're interested in having Bobby at a con- he has given me permission to give his contact information to trusted people in regards to attendances, so just get in contact with me via the e-mail listed on this site, or one of the other various ways that I'm sure you are in contact with me. Bobby IS an icon of not only 'Star Trek' but of the American television culture- even if it wasn't done, necessarily, on purpose- everyone knows the iconic picture of Kirk struggling with the Gorn.

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  1. Great interview! Get well soon, Mr. Clark!