20 January, 2012

Jessica Cameron

Who are you?:

My name is Jessica Cameron and I am a loving aunt, fabulous friend, loyal girlfriend, half Irish and Scottish, an extremely hard worker, obnoxious cat lover, business entrepreneur, social networking whore, and when I am lucky I act in films/tv shows/web series/music videos and more. ( I also apparently like run on sentences, ALOT).
Oh, and I am a horrible speller, this is your warning….

1) What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

Who do you want to work with - normally I politely list a few people I would love to work with (sometimes actors, sometimes producers, sometimes directors). Even though the answer is ever changing its still all true.  However I could never give a complete list since it is just too long!
But heres a little secret from me to you - I am an actor, so I want to work with EVERYONE and ANYONE that does good quality work and/or pays well. (sadly it sometimes is an either or situation…)
However recently I read Pearry Teo's latest script and it blew my mind so he and his business partner Chad Michael Ward are literally at the top of the list…. when you read as many scripts as I do an amazing script can be hard to find!

Whats your favorite horror film - I hate this question since its like asking a parent who their favorite child is. And like most parents it depends on the day that you ask me. If I have had a hard day at work and wanted to zone out with a favorite torture porn flick then Saw or Hostel would jump to the list. If I had an easy day at work and wanted to pay close attention to an intellectually done horror film then Insidious would be tops on that list.
And sometimes I just need to kiss the butt of a certain film maker and then, guess what, their film tops that list….

2) Your best revenge plot (executed or just plotted):

When I was a child, the main phone in our home had a cord (yes, this was before cell phones) and was near a bathroom. So when my friends would call I was chat with them while hanging out in the bathroom.  I never got along well with my brother so I would use his toothbrush to clean the bathroom (yes - all the bathroom) while chatting on the phone.
I have never told him about this before…
So surprise Ryan : )
I am sure that as an adult I could come up with something far more vicious…..luckily I have not been encouraged as yet to do so :  )

3) Do you collect anything that other people find strange for YOU to, personally, collect?

Coupons! I am a coupon cutting fanatic : ) Or at least I was when I lived in the midwest. I have not had much time to get a grasp on the coupon scene in LA yet.
(confession - I organize them using a 3 binder system - each binder organized by product…)
I actually miss it….it was so much fun!

4) Pick out one of your scars - where is it and how did you manage to achieve it?

I have a 2 1/2" long thin scar on the inside front of my thigh.  Halloween 2009 I was dressed as Jem (my favorite 80's cartoon) and my friends and I wound up at this random bar in Columbus, Ohio. I had always wanted to ride a mechanical bull, so when I saw that they had one set up I was really excited. Sadly they make you take off your shoes when you ride those things - apparently its a danger to have them on since they could harm you or someone else (upsetting though since they really completed my outfit!). When I went up I was determined to not fall off.  So I used every single muscle I had and held on tight, and I stayed on the entire time. By the time the operator stopped it, I was on a 90 degree angle with the ground (but it still counts) and had to let myself drop since there was no other way off. I knew that my leg had gone under part of the bull, but it was not until I was standing that I realized I had sliced open my thigh and there was a lot of blood. Luckily, thanks to my background working on horror films, I was not bothered by it and just tried to stop the bleeding so I could go back to dancing!

5) Roller coasters - are you just a line buddy or a coaster warrior?

I am the COASTER QUEEN! I love them. I have to bring several friends with me to amusement parks since I usually wear out a few of them!

6) Pornos - exciting or monotonous?

Depends on the porno ; )
And who you are watching it with, where you are watching it and why.

7) Worst city/state/country you've ever visited? Why?

Honestly I have never visited anywhere that was a bad place. I have visited places and found bad people there, but its not really fair to hold that against the location.
Keep in mind that as an actress my opinion is skewed since when I go to shoot somewhere the general population are usually excited and therefor I get treated very well.

8) If you could have a boxing match with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Right now - lets see…
There is a certain female website hostess/blogger who is a bully towards certain people in the business (including myself). I am intentionally not saying her name since it would be wrong to give her any more press. I do not expect everyone to like me, in fact I would consider it an issue if everyone did but to pick on anyone or bully them is just wrong regardless of the level that you think that you are on.
People like that need to be knocked off the pedestals that they put themselves on and I would greatly enjoy being the one to do it!

9) Thoughts on parents blaming ALL media when their kids fuck up?

I will never understand why some people can not accept their own faults and then make the conscious choice to improve them.
I do - its really not that hard. It saddens me when people who are not good parents lay blame elsewhere rather then fixing the issues and possibly improving their children's lives.
I think it is selfish.
My parents taught me right from wrong, and helped me to understand the consequences to my actions and I am every grateful for that.
Children need to be taught those things.

10) Have you ever (accidentally) hit an animal or person with your vehicle?

I have accidentally killed a possum and I was very sad about it. I was coming up over a hill and did not have a chance to swerve.
I cried and went back to see if he survived…sadly he did not.
I have actually ditched my car while swerving to miss a cat. True story. $900 in repairs later I was happy with my decision!
Years later I would swerve again to miss another cat, and hit a curb which resulted in the air bag deploying and the car being totaled…
So needless to say I try to not hit animals!

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

Me, shameless self promotion…YES PLEASE : )

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