08 January, 2012


So, I know it's been a good while since I've made a post.
Apologies. Kind of. See what had happened was....

I ended up being bombarded by a host of things that usually tend to crop up toward the end of the year. Those normal things were accompanied by some new things. You don't need the details, trust me. It's a mess.

During this hiatus, I've been doing some thinking. Uh-oh, I know. We're lucky the apartment is still here. I'm a hazard.

Since this blog IS just for the silliness and for the fun of it- I'm going to do away with the scheduled posts. Partially due to lack of time to find new people willing to submit themselves to my insanity, and also a lot of people that say they will do questions but end up changing their minds for whatever reason. So, I'm going to post as I receive replies. It seems like the only logical thing to do, right? I think so. Plus, it has the benefits of removing a deadline- which, I'll be perfectly honest and say I am really looking forward to.

So, a new year and a new way of doing this blog o' craziness. Hopefully, it'll progress and become what I wanted it to be, originally. Completely new and different to the 'interview' community.

Til we meet again!

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