29 February, 2012

Sean Whalen

Who are you?:

I'm a character actor, writer, husband, father, salesman, and a dork. I've been kicking around Hollywood riding the ups and downs of this crazy business.

1. What are the top two questions you're sick of being asked - and, their answers?

" Are you the guy from Con Air or Spy Kids?" I get confused for Steve Buscemi a lot. A close second is "Got Milk?" From the milk commercial I did years ago.

2. What's a few of your pet-peeves, or in the words of George Carlin, 'psychotic fuckin' hatreds?'

I hate being ignored. Not returning phone calls, not answering when you ask a question, never answering emails. We're all guilty of it, but I try to teach my kids that ignoring someone is one of the meanest things you can do to someone.

3. What song would you consider to be your absolute guiltiest pleasure?

A few... AFRICA by TOTO. LAND DOWN UNDER...by Men at Work... and the worst.. FRIDAYS by Rebecca Black... the words are shockingly bad, but that chorus is just too damn catchy. Don't hate.

4. How long do you think you could tolerate life without a cell phone in your possession?

Wow.. about 15 minutes. I was just thinking this the other day when I was in a crowded room. Everyone was doing something on their phones. Everyone.

5. How do you feel about grammar?

Its not that important the us world any much more.

6. What is something your parent/guardian told you when you were a kid and when you grew up, realized it was a lie?

My mom used to say how handsome I was. Believe me, Hollywood lets you know pretty quick that you are "quirky" and "not good looking enough". It's harsh, but at least you know how to sell what your selling... yourself.

7. Do you still watch kids movies- without any kids around?

No. Had enough when my kids were little.

8. Would you ever go into a strip club with a sign that read '12 hot chicks and 1 ugly one' JUST to see the 'ugly one?'

Who wouldn't?

9. One of the hardest lessons you've had to learn in your adult life?

That there is no "easier time". You are always facing a new challenge. My grandmother had to deal with losing her husband at 80. You get periods of skating through, but they don't last forever.

10. If fans are going to buy you drinks - what are you having?

If it's a beer - Hefeweizen or BLUE MOON. Mixed Drink: - Red Bull and Vodka... if I want to keep the party going.... or Gin and Tonic...for the casual hang.

Shameless self promotion/shout outs/any last words:

SHAMELESS PLUG - Please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel THATGUYSMW. Also, pass on my video DOROTHY 50 YEARS LATER to everyone you know. Everyone. They can watch on on their phones. Seek out THE FP in your city opening in March. One of the funnest movies you'll see. Soon to be a cult classic.

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